Prestige Physical Trading Process Flow

Buying Process
1.Please fill in Account Opening form with attachment of all required documents.
2.Email to following address:
3.Send the original copy of your application to us by courier.
1.After verifying all the account opening documents, we will send the account information to you by e-mail.
2.After making deposit, please send us your transfer receipt to the following address:
Please check out our official webpage of <Physical-Trading> for real-time reference prices of gold bar and related information.
1.Please dial our trading hotline if you would like to get start with your gold bar purchases.
2.After the deal being finalized, a confirmation letter will be sent to you by email.
When the trade is completed, you can login your trading account and view your transactions and updated reports.
Pick up process
1.Please fill in <Withdrawal Gold Bar (Appointment) Notification Form>,and send the form to the following email address: 
2.Make an appointment with us for picking-up the gold bar.
1.Print out your confirmation letter, which confirms the settlement date, time and venue.
1.Bring with your confirmation letter and your identity proof to our office in person.
3.The gold bar can only be delivered to you after verification.
Selling Process (By Phone)
Please dial out trading hotline if you would like to sell your gold bar / silver bar.
You would receive our cofirmation email, which serves as a documentary for agreed price and terms.
After your requested order of sale has been processed, you would receive the agreed amount within one working day.
In case you decide to withdraw money from your trading account, Please complete the withdrawal form and send it back to the following email
Your withdrawal will be either converted into US dollars or RMB and be transferred to your registered local bank account.