To trade in the financial mar-kets, traders need a program that allows them, to study for Technical analysis, trade for financial instruments and implement trading strategies. In addition, investors often-times need to manage their trading accounts via mobile devices while fund managers need to manage investor accounts.

MetaTrader 4 will equip you with everything you need to thrive in today's challenging financial markets.


In the past, stock is heavily weighted in most investors' portfolio. However, the demand of precious metals trading has been greatly increased since the Asian Financial Turmoil in 1997, Tech Bubble Collapse in 2000, and Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Therefore, Prestige provides the following precious metal products in order to meet investor's preference according to the market trend.

· Gold

· Silver

Product Features

  • Highly Transparent Global Market

    Catching every opportunity

  • Bidirectional Trading

    Double your chance of making profitable returns

  • Convenient Trading

    Clients can trade through Prestige On-Line Trading Platform or Dealing Direct Line