Disclaimer and Risk Warning

Because the precious metals market is a global investment market, and in response to the different requirements of individual countries for precious metals, different factors of economic transformation, national policy etc., fall on the ever-changing fluctuations in order to ensure that investors in precious metals margin trading lack of awareness, information and institutional restrictions and other aspects of the company who want to join in precious metals by investors traded gold transactions described may be at risk, and investors expect to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the precious metals market.

Precious metals according to the internal gold market has potentially great return on investment at the same time, there is also the One relatively fixed investment risk, so investors should be on the financial ability to resist risks loss should not be over-investment of the investment risks they can not afford, and in the market any person can not accurately predict the precious metals market trends, can only make a predictive analysis. Therefore before investing should be carefully evaluated by a professional and past client of the investment performance.

Investors should be aware of before the transaction detailed explanation One cut costs to be delivered, such as commissions and fees, and so it. The fees will affect the investment costs for investors. Because the precious metals market volatility and strong, and investors in the gold market transactions by the extent of the loss may exceed investor had expected the guarantee funds, so investors set stop-loss * profit * or * stop * One will be able to order not or to ensure the smooth closing loss risk, market factors may also make the order can not be executed. When losses exceed the margin investors to maintain the investor may be notified and asked to deposit the investor shall pay back within a short time, as investors failed to pay back margin within the stipulated time, the investor sites probably did not inform the case is settled, the investor shall make up any deficit accounts appear responsible.

At present, the majority of global precious metals market have adopted electronic trading platform for trading, and for the use of electronic trading platform for trading, inevitably have to face the systemic risk arising from interest, such as network failures, hardware and software suddenly dysfunctional etc., the operation will have any adverse effect on the order of instruction investors, investors must understand and bear the risks.

Investors welcome any inquiries about trading issues